A baby ad is a fun way for parents to celebrate their senior student's graduation. Most parents submit a few baby photos and a short message to their senior. The yearbook staff will design the layout of your ad, but will not do any editing of your message or photos. Click here to see a sample page of baby ads with each size option represented.

Baby ads for the 2017-2018 book are due by 11 pm on 10/31/17.

This is a final deadline - we will not accept any submissions after 11 pm on 10/31/17. 


1/8 page: $50

1/4 page: $100

1/2 page: $200

Upload any image(s) and text (300 words or less) through the link below. The size of ad purchased will restrict the number of photos and amount of text published. If you have issues uploading your photos and text, clear your internet history and cookies, then refresh the page and try again.

The site does not work on smart phones or tablets!

The site will also not work if you have an ad blocker. Disable your ad blocker before continuing.

  1. The "headline" is the title of your ad. Most parents just put their student's name here, although you're welcome to be creative! We will print exactly what you enter.
  2. The "body copy" is the message to your student. We will print exactly what you enter.

Page proofs will be available for you to look at and comment on before we send them to print. Look out for an email announcing that page proofs are available in the main office.

if you have any questions, please email Claire-Maria Broaddus.