Team and Club Photos and Rosters

Follow directions in the LEFT column below if you already have your team photo and roster. NB: We need the roster from you as well, not just the photo!

Follow directions in the RIGHT column below if you need a photographer.

If you have questions, contact Claire-Maria Broaddus.

Here is a spreadsheet that lists photos and rosters we have received. (coming soon)

deadline for submissions: 3/20/18 by NOON



  1. When you click the link below, you'll first have to search for Fairview. Make sure to select the right one, as there are a handful that come up.
  2. On the next screen, click the "Community Upload" orange arrow in the top right corner.
  3. The access code is FAIRVIEWSENIORS
  4. In the drop down menu, select the category that best describes your group. 
  5. Please give us more detailed information in the "Add a note" box. Tell us the name of your group, the level if applicable (Varsity, JV, etc.), and anything else that is relevant.
  6. DO NOT check the box that says "This photo is a portrait".
  7. Please give us a reliable contact name and email so we can contact you with questions or concerns.
  8. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE title the image file clearly and appropriately to make it easier for us to identify the picture after downloading!
Do you have other awesome photos from your season? You can use the same link above to submit them to us. Please give us as much detail about the photos as possible, including who took the pictures. Photos need to be high resolution, and we are not guaranteeing a place in the book for all submissions.


Please fill out the google form linked below AFTER you have submitted your team/club photo.

do you need a photographer?

Fill out this form to schedule a yearbook photographer to take your team or club photo.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Give us a few dates/times that work.